Financial Advice & Planning for
Millennials & Young Professionals

Millennials often get a bad rap. They’re generalized into a group of espresso-sipping, basement-dwelling handout-seekers. And for some in that generation, it’s true—but there’s also those “millennials” that are out doing great things. Unique things. Innovative things. They’re ignoring the stereotype and redefining their lives with purpose and passion.

These are the millennials and young professionals that we work with—and if you’ve come this far, it’s probably you too.

Our advisors help show you what you can’t yet see, but will become very clear 20-30-40 years down the road. That means we help you understand the cost of some decisions and the greater value of deferred gratification. Laying the groundwork and starting to plan now will have a profound impact on your future. That initiative, is what separates you from that generational herd.

Take the first step, request a call or appointment and one of our advisors will reach out.

Retirement Planning

Starting saving the right way, right now.

Debt Reduction

Strategies for paying off debt faster.

Saving for the Future

House, car, wedding—it all starts with automated savings.

Common Financial Questions from Millennials & Young Professionals

  • How do I lower my student loan debt?

  • How do I start saving and investing?

  • How can I save for _______?

  • How do I create a budget and track my spending?

  • What job benefits are best?

Financial Advice for
Millennials & Young Professionals

Improving Investor Behavior: The Price of Time

Money is a resource; there can always be more of it. But time is finite, and there is no getting it back once it’s gone… or is there?

Improving Investor Behavior: Strengthen Your Financial Superpowers

My son and I were in the car driving to the store as he struggled to plug in his phone with a USB cable. He flipped the cable back and forth a few times before it finally slipped in. “If I had a superpower, I hope it would be to knowing…
8 Best Financial Apps

Improving Investor Behavior - Managing Your Time Like Money

As a financial advisor, I am typically hired by clients to help them manage their resources. Most often, these are financial resources including cash, investments, etc. Sometimes I help people to manage their business resources such as connecting…
8 Best Financial Apps

Improving Investor Behavior - Learn to Love a Falling Market

The financial markets have given investors quite a ride in the past few months. Not only have we seen a drop in the prices, but the volatility and multiple-percentage point days seems to have investors feeling a little seasick. The first thing…
8 Best Financial Apps

Improving Investor Behavior - Fear of Missing Out

When you are stuck in traffic on the interstate, creeping along, do you find yourself wanting to switch from one lane to another? Do you glance to the left and see the “fast lane,” and are envious of how quickly they are moving? You look…
8 Best Financial Apps

Improving Investor Behavior - The Prosperity Mindset

Wealth is a mindset. In my years as a financial advisor I’ve worked with many wealthy individuals who have everyday-type jobs. From bus drivers to teachers, entrepreneurs to an administrative assistant at the Chamber of Commerce, I’ve…
8 Best Financial Apps

Improving Investor Behavior - Make Steady Savings Your Strategy

There’s $15 on the line, and your buddy is stepping up to a 10 footer for a birdie on the 18th hole. It’s a slippery putt, but not slippery enough. As he takes his shot, human nature kicks in. “Miss it, miss it,” we say to ourselves.…

Social Media - Helping or Hurting Your Investment Behavior?

During a recent client meeting we ended up on the subject of social media, and the effect it can have on a business. Unfavorable press coverage led to an echo of bad news on social media among this client’s customers, and it was continuing to harm his business with no end in sight. I was curious about the public’s persistent reaction, and why he believed the story was still in the news cycle many weeks later. Was his customer base being fickle? Were competitors spreading false and redundant stories? His response: social media. Once a key marketing strategy for his company, social media has quickly turned into a sore spot.
The Future of Denver's Skyline
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The Future of Denver's Skyline

Explore the unique history of Denver as told by one of its eminent urban planners Ken Schroeppel. Why did Denver take the shape it did? What will it look like in the next 10 years? Why is the traffic so darn bad lately? Ken will explore all of these ideas and more as he walks you through new projects helping to shape the face of Denver and how past initiatives contributed to our wonderful city. This workshop was originally presented at Prosperion EDU 16.

Confusing Volatility and Risk I believe it is imperative for investors to understand the difference between volatility and risk. Though often used synonymously, these are two very distinct ideas. We think success can be increased…
Millionaire in the Making

Now Available: Millionaire in the Making by John Booren In the last year, I’ve had the realization that there are far too many people living in the most financially impactful years of their lives who lack the necessary planning and guidance to make…
How to Invest for Income

How to Invest for the Goal of Growing Income Why do you invest? It’s a simple question, but one so few people consider. Investors often fail to understand their reason for making investments, for saving money, or for what they invest in.…
5 Investing Principles

Back to Basics - 5 Investing Principles If January taught us anything, it was that 2013 was truly an exceptional year for the equity market averages. Falling uncertainty, solid corporate earnings, and a rebounding economy all contributed…
Post College Financial Advice

Getting Ready to Graduate? Post-College Financial Advice When I think of what I would share with a recent college grad, saving comes first to my mind. When a person is young they have a distinct advantage – time. In the financial world, we use something…
8 Best Financial Apps
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The 8 Best Financial Apps for Money-Conscious People You’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a smartphone or tablet these days. Companies like Apple and Samsung have redefined how we communicate, what we rely on, and our ability to access information.…
8 Best Financial Apps

7 Money Musts for College Students As the flurry of excitement winds down for those heading back to college, the realization starts to settle in: college is expensive. The costs don’t stop with tuition fees. From book costs to…
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