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In Blind Spots: The Mental Mistakes Investors Make…

Booren goes beyond simply picking smart investments and dives into the psychology of investing.

He examines questions such as:

  • What causes people to panic sell at the bottom?

  • Why do they tend to follow “hot stock tips” from the guy at the golf course?

  • What should they do when nothing seems like the right course of action?

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Which behaviors tend to hurt long term investment results

  • Why our brains and emotions can work against us in moments of anxiety

  • How to overcome your inherent biases and become a better investor

If you want to understand how mental mistakes can derail your finances and what you can do to improve your investor behavior and results, this book is for you.

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Praise for Blind Spots

Blind Spots takes a very pragmatic approach for those seeking to better understand how emotions impact their financial behaviors. Steve understands investor behaviors having seen the consequences firsthand. This book provides a great resource for those seeking financial independence through greater emotional self-awareness.

Blind Spots is a necessary and empowering read. Expertly written and deeply researched, it opened my eyes to what I may have always seen yet did not fully understand. This book gave me the insights I need to better manage my own finances and behavior. I am recommending it to my family, friends, and colleagues. I consider it an essential read.

Lee Brower

Steve Booren gets in your head. His examples of how we can be our own worst financial enemy really hit home for all of us. Fortunately, in his book, Blind Spots: The Mental Mistakes Investors Make, he also shows how we can help ourselves to achieve our retirement goals. You will really help yourself by reading it!

I have found that exceptional financial professionals always have a disciplined process and philosophy on how to approach investing and achieving goals. Blind Spots easily walks you through a thoughtful behavioral framework. Emotional maturity is such a critical factor for everyone, especially those who are investing.

Andy Kalbaugh

Steve Booren’s new book Blind Spots ought to be required reading before any investor ever invests even a single penny of their money.  Investors are always looking for an edge and/or the wisdom and knowledge to profitably, and safely, invest their capital.  They read books, they study markets, they take investment courses, they purchase research, etc. Yet the one thing they almost always overlook is the most important of all, and Steve highlights it beautifully in his book. Blind Spots facilitates solving that problem better than any literature I have come across.  Therefore, I consider Blind Spots a must read for every investor.

With over four decades of experience guiding investors, Steve Booren has penned a second book on the topic. This thought-provoking guide teaches you how to recognize and address your “Blind Spots”—emotional pitfalls that can hinder your investment success. Regardless of whether you are new to investing or have years of experience, this book has practical insights for all. It’s a book that you’ll read and reread in the years ahead.

Jim Putnam
Steve Booren

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About Steve Booren

Steve Booren started his investment career in 1978 with a NYSE investment firm. To provide clients with objective investment advice, he started Prosperion Financial Advisors in 1996, working to identify clients’ opportunities and strengths and to develop strategies to manage risk. Steve is an avid cycler, accomplished skier, mediocre golfer and happy grandfather. With his wife Marie, he has two married children, Scott and John.

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