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Praise for Intelligent Investing

I’ve long believed that investors shouldn’t rely on uncertain capital gains to live on during retirement. Steve Booren’s Intelligent Investing reminds us that a great way to work toward a prosperous retirement is with a portfolio of dividend stocks that seek to stay ahead of inflation with a goal of providing steadily growing income over time.

Matthew Paulson

Intelligent Investing is a straightforward guide to getting ready for and thriving in retirement. Like the title suggests, the strategy detailed in the book is a smart way to prepare for your financial future. In fact, I’d say it’s the most intelligent way.

Marc Lichtenfeld

There are hundreds of books about retirement planning. Steve Booren’s book, Intelligent Investing, covers the complex topic of retirement income in an understandable, easy-to-read way. Real client scenarios combined with his investment strategy, developed over decades, will inspire thought and conversation about the most important steps in determining your financial future.”

Jim Putnam

Young investors should focus on growth in dividends and position themselves to invest in dividend stocks that have a high likelihood of increasing dividends in the future. In his book, Steve Booren explains why growing income through intelligent investing is key to retirement success.

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What’s the difference between being rich and being wealthy? If richness is fleeting, wealth is lasting. The methods Steve discusses in Intelligent Investing can help to create and preserve lasting wealth.

Lee Brower

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Steve for many years and witnessing his long, successful career as a financial advisor. He uses his knowledge and experience to provide clear, relevant advice on how investors can position themselves to keep income growing, both before and during retirement.

Andy Kalbaugh
Steve Booren

Steve started his investment career in 1978 with a NYSE investment firm, working in the environment of a large investment company. Desiring to provide clients with objective investment advice, he started Prosperion Financial Advisors in 1996, and works with clients to identify risks, opportunities and strengths, then develops strategies to manage risks, focus on clients’ biggest opportunities and leverage their strengths.

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Popular Questions about Intelligent Investing

Dividends are a method for companies to share profits with their investors, typically in the form of cold hard cash.

While we can’t name specific companies here (see the book for more info!) we can say that we like long-term, consistent dividend payers that are “every” companies: Companies that sell their products every-where, every-day, to every-one.

Dividends are special for a variety of reasons: favorable tax treatments, consistent income, and most importantly, they are detached from the daily fluctuation in prices typically associated with investing in the stock market.

Inflation is the headwind we all face as we age. It is the increasing cost of goods and services as time goes on. Think about it this way: $10,000 bought a whole lot more in 1980 than it does today. If your income doesn’t increase during retirement, you will eventually feel the squeeze of inflation.

Steve is currently accepting a limited number of new clients that meet the minimum requirements Please contact us for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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