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We truly believe that life is about more than just money. Our goal is to help our clients to live a happier, healthier and more exciting life. This begins by understanding your goals and most deeply held values. We then help you align your financial goals with your values, putting you on a path toward a “10” level of confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, you will be on your path toward prosperity.

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Facing Volatility Over the last few years, we have faced a variety of challenges in the market. Times of stress spark the need for discussion, reassurance, and often, historical context. In 2013, we started the year…
New Baby Checklist

The New Baby Financial Checklist Congratulations, you are expecting an addition to your family! I have just one word for you – Ka-ching! Babies are expensive – we had 4 of them so I know this first hand. Here are some must-do…

5 Ways to Dominate Your Taxes Next Year Happy Birthday US Federal Income Tax! It was 1913 when Americans were first subject to a 7% Income Tax. Today, 100 years later, we are dealing with an enormously complicated and increasingly controversial…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances

5 Good Ways to Simplify your Finances Life is complicated. From the daily onslaught of media to the complexities of our calendars or even the incomprehensible instructions of how to get my smart phone to quit buzzing and beeping when…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances

Prosper On: The Value of Giving Thanks I love technology. I’m geeky enough to get excited when the MicroCenter Computer catalog is waiting in the mailbox. But I was frustrated enough to contemplate smashing my @#$%^&! iPhone to bits…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances

The Swing State Advantage With the 2012 presidential election less than a month away Coloradans are being inundated with political ads. They’re on TV, in the mail, on the phone and every other conceivable medium. As the…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances

7 Money Musts for College Students As the flurry of excitement winds down for those heading back to college, the realization starts to settle in: college is expensive. The costs don’t stop with tuition fees. From book costs to…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances

Sudden Changes in Wealth Colorado’s new favorite Olympian Missy Franklin has amazed us all with athletic feats that have made her a worldwide sensation. Her beautiful smile and contagious enthusiasm make Missy “The Missile”…
5 Good Ways to Simplify Finances
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Manufactured Facts

Last week the Institute for Supply Management released their June Manufacturing Index that showed a contraction in US factory output. That brought to mind some important questions: We still have factories in the US? Wasn’t that all shipped…
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