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The 8 Best Financial Apps for Money-Conscious People

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a smartphone or tablet these days. Companies like Apple and Samsung have redefined how we communicate, what we rely on, and our ability to access information. Around here, we call this device a “de-materializer” because you no longer need to carry a phone, calendar, watch, calculator, music player, or a computer. Instead, you have access to all those functions and plenty more in one small device.

With so much access to information, how can we use these devices to make our lives easier? From market data to mobile price checking, I’ve selected my favorite financial apps that every money-conscious person should have.

eMoney (Wealth Vision)

emoneyFor those of you who utilize our complementary WealthVision service, this app gives you instant access to your entire financial dashboard. It makes it easy to track your spending, access your document Vault, or follow your investments in one place.


Your Bank or Credit Card App

wellsfargoMost banks (Wells Fargo, Chase, Citibank, etc.) and credit card companies (Chase, Capital One, etc.) have mobile apps that allow you to check balances, transfer money, or view transactions. They typically have contact information in case you misplace your card or need access to your account.



manillaIf you’ve ever been late on a bill, this app could help out. Manilla organizes bills and other monthly payments and will remind you with a notification, text, or email, so you don’t miss another due date.



redlaserDid you know your phone can save you money? This app uses your phone’s camera to scan barcodes and compare product prices locally and online to get you the best deal. It’s a retailer’s nightmare and a consumer’s best friend.



squareYour phone can also make you money! This app comes with a free credit card reader that plugs into the headphone jack. Swipe a credit card, type in the charge amount on your phone, and watch the funds automatically deposit into your bank account. Square is great for accepting payments or even donations in an area where a cash register is unfeasible.


EZ Financial Calculators

ezfinancialThis comprehensive financial calculator helps you track your mortgage payments, progress on paying off credit cards and even your interest rates. It helps simplify some of those complicated financial equations.



marketdashFor those of you who like the technical side of investments, this is a great app powered by Yahoo!Finance. With all this market data on your device, you can easily follow stocks, ETFs and Mutual funds with very high detail.



stocktouchAnother technical investment app that incorporates a heat-map of the largest US or Global stocks organized by sector. It’s very interactive and displays plenty of data, research and current news.


If you’re looking for financial insights on the go, check out a few of these apps. From saving to smart spending, these apps can help you better understand your money, all from a device that fits in your pocket.

-John Booren

P.S. One word of caution: be careful to whom you give your financial information. Few of these apps require full account numbers or other sensitive information like social security numbers. Do a little research and check the reviews of any app before providing private financial information. A little precaution could save a ton of time and stress later on.

John Booren

John started his investment career in 2012 after graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning. His desire is to provide care and guidance for individuals and families through all aspects of their financial life. Learn more about John here.

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