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PRESS RELEASE: Steve Booren Recognized in Forbes as a 2020 Top Wealth Advisor in Colorado

DENVER, Colo. — January 30, 2020 – Steve Booren of Prosperion Financial Advisors was recently ranked No. 26 in Colorado in the 2020 Best-In-State Wealth Advisors list published by Forbes. According to Forbes, the annual list spotlights…
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The Decade in Review

As financial advisors we’re constantly advocating for investors to maintain a long-term view. We consider it to be fundamental, not only as an example of good investor behavior, but as a way of minimizing the emotional toll of “riding the rollercoaster”. But what does it mean to have a long-term perspective? How long is long enough?
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Improving Investor Behavior – The World’s Worst Market Timer

Do you ever feel “the curse” of investing at precisely the wrong point? Like you invested too late, at the wrong time, or maybe you’re just unlucky? Let me introduce you to Bob – the World’s Worst Market Timer.
Cover for Intelligent Investing by Steve Booren

PRESS RELEASE: Are You Prepared for Volatile Stock Market Swings During Retirement? Steve Booren’s new book, Intelligent Investing, Shows You How

DENVER, Colo (March 5, 2019) – With today’s stock market swings, Steve Booren’s new book, Intelligent Investing: Your Guide to a Growing Retirement Income, will help readers understand how to retire intelligently. It will equip them with…
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Meet Bob, The World’s Worst Market Timer

Did you invest some money on Jan. 26th? Do you ever feel “the curse” of investing at exactly the wrong point? Like your investing is too late, at the wrong time, or maybe that you’re just unlucky? Well meet Bob – the World’s Worst Market Timer.
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The Fear of Uncertainty and the Uncertainty of Fear

“We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” With those words FDR accepted the presidency of the United States in 1933 during one of the most turbulent times in American history. Lesser known are the words that surround that key sentence.
Role of a Fiduciary
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The Role of a Fiduciary – Putting Your Interests First

As many of you have undoubtedly heard, regulatory changes are coming to the finance industry pertaining to “fiduciary standards” and the obligations we have as financial professionals with respect to retirement accounts. Let me be clear: we embrace these changes as we serve as a fiduciary for your money in advisory relationships, just as I believe we always have.
5 Red Flags of Scams
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The 5 Red Flags of Scams

The scams and fraudulent schemes that come to consumers via E-mail, phone calls, and the USPS change all the time. It could be the ‘Grandparent’ scheme, an offer to reduce credit card interest rates, the offer to sell a timeshare, or even winning a lottery or prize. The wise approach is to look for the common red flags and know what to do when you see them. This workshop was originally presented at Prosperion EDU 16.
The Future of Denver's Skyline
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The Future of Denver’s Skyline

Explore the unique history of Denver as told by one of its eminent urban planners Ken Schroeppel. Why did Denver take the shape it did? What will it look like in the next 10 years? Why is the traffic so darn bad lately? Ken will explore all of these ideas and more as he walks you through new projects helping to shape the face of Denver and how past initiatives contributed to our wonderful city. This workshop was originally presented at Prosperion EDU 16.
Brainworks Solutions for Staying Sharp
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Brainworks – Simple Strategies for Staying Sharp

While cognitive decline may be an inevitable part of the aging process, studies show that we can prevent, or at least postpone its development through intervention. Our brain is actually radically adaptable if we train it appropriately—like we do our bodies. The “fitter” our brain is, the more energy efficient it becomes, and the easier it is to do important mental tasks such as focusing attention and being creative. This workshop was originally presented at Prosperion EDU 16.
Progress in 5s

Progress in 5’s I think daily minutia often blurs our capability to see the remarkable progress humankind has and is making. If we take a moment to think back 40 years, back to the time many of you started investing…
Good in the Gray

The Good in the Gray It is fascinating to watch and listen to the narrative of media within our country. We have a tendency to take sides on any given issue, resulting in a constant battle between good and evil, black…
Jefferson County DA
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PRESS RELEASE: DA Welcomes Prosperion Financial Advisors as New Community Partner

(Golden, CO – August 11, 2015)  Prosperion Financial Advisors joins with the First Judicial District Attorney’s Office in providing vital crime prevention services to seniors in our community. Prosperion Financial Advisors donated $10,000…
The Towel Over the Treadmill Approach

The “Towel Over the Treadmill” Approach In the book Thinking, Fast and Slow  author Daniel Kahneman famously describes how people are generally loss averse when it comes to money decisions: “Losses loom larger than gains.  The…
Preparing Heirs

New Service: Preparing Heirs

Families, with the prudent guidance of professional advisors, typically do a very good job at preparing the assets to transfer to the heirs through the pre-transition planning processes of estate and tax planning, investment management, and philanthropy. But what is lacking is preparing the heirs to receive and manage the assets – the missing link in estate planning.