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Outlook 2016: Embrace the Routine

LPL Research expects to see routine year-end outcomes in many areas of the economy and financial markets in 2016, but how we get there may be anything but routine. Certain conditions have been unusual for so long, that 2016 may hold some unexpected turns that could catch some investors unprepared, and it will take a […]

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Outlook 2015: In Transit

Since the wind-down of the Great Recession in early 2009, the latest economic expansion has certainly delivered the goods and rewarded investors’ mailboxes with six consecutive calendar years of positive gains for stocks. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” has kept a lid on the continuation of one of history’s greatest […]

Mid-Year Outlook 2014 – LPL Financial

At this year’s halfway point, we offer the LPL Financial Research Mid-Year Outlook 2014: Investor’s Almanac Field Notes containing key observations and updates to our outlook for 2014. Similar to a farming almanac, our Investor’s Almanac is a publication containing a guide to patterns, tendencies, and seasonal observations important to growing. The goal of farming […]

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Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions: Frequently Asked Questions

In December of last year, many mutual funds made end-of-year capital gains distributions for the first time in several years. Since investors have grown less accustomed to capital gains distributions, the distributions differ from the dividend or interest income investors usually receive, and capital gains distributions are specific to the special legal structure of mutual […]

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Outlook 2014 – LPL Financial

Portfolios Over Policy A farming almanac is an annual publication containing a guide for the coming year and a forecast of the times and statistics of events and phenomena important to growing. Farmers’ almanacs have been a source of wisdom, rooted in the core values of independence and simple living, for American growers for over […]

Stock Market Correcting, but not Collapsing

This week’s commentary was penned by LPL Financial, but does a really good job of describing the potential “Spring Slide.” If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. -The Prosperion Financial Advisors Almost like an uncontrollable allergic reaction rather than rational thought, the stock market reacted to spring with another sneeze. This […]