Highlights of the CARES Act

Late last week the senate passed and the President signed the CARES stimulus package designed to, among many things, curb the financial turmoil created in the wake of the Coronavirus. This $2.2 trillion, 800+ page legislation offers meaningful help to investors, business owners, and those directly impacted by layoffs or the virus.

Using several sources we’ve compiled a list of some of these benefits that our clients might find most helpful. If one stands out to you, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to walk through how it might apply to your situation. We’d also recommend connecting with your CPA regarding tax-related items.

Here are some of the highlights:

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The Decade in Review

As financial advisors we’re constantly advocating for investors to maintain a long-term view. We consider it to be fundamental, not only as an example of good investor behavior, but as a way of minimizing the emotional toll of “riding the rollercoaster”.

But what does it mean to have a long-term perspective? How long is long enough?

Intelligent Investing Book Signing at The Tattered Cover

Author & LPL Financial Advisor, Steve Booren, will host a conversation and book signing event at the Tattered Cover at Aspen Grove in Littleton.

Workshop Series: Get Fed

As women we are no strangers to stress. We juggle countless plates, everyday, often at the same time. So we’ve created a workshop series by women, for women, built just for you.

4Gen Now Conference

David Morrison and Prosperion Financial Advisors were the title sponsor for the 2018 4GenNow Conference held at the CU Denver South Campus.

Workshop: What Now?

You’ve maxed out your 401k. You’ve hit the limit on your IRA contributions, ROTH or otherwise. You’re a diligent saver but you still have extra cash each month. So where should it go? What are the right ways to put that extra money to work?


From Clutter to Clarity: What to Toss and What to Keep

By Michelle Santaferro, organizing expert and owner of Organomics

Like many during this time of year, you may have found certain documentation painful to retrieve and scattered in several locations.  But there’s good news: you can create a system to quickly file and find anything you need financially. Let’s look at the steps you can take to retrieve things quickly.

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Workshop: From Clutter to Clarity

Are you drowning in data? How can you conquer the clutter? Join Michelle Santaferraro from Organomics for a workshop on organizing the chaos, simplifying the storage, and streamlining your system for dealing with paper.

Social Security & Medicare Webinar

The right move can make a huge difference in your Social Security and Medicare benefits. If you’re 60-65 and approaching retirement, you need to see this. Watch Tim Lenz speak on Social Security, followed by Dave Suplinski on Medicare.

2018 Tax Reform

Now that the ink has dried on tax reform, join us for an updated presentation with Jay K. Dahl, CPA. He’ll cover the unexpected items that did and did not make it into the final legislation.