From Clutter to Clarity

What to Toss, What to Keep, What to Organize

Are you drowning in data? From stacks of paper to digital notifications and email alerts, all our “stuff” can feel very heavy. How can you conquer the clutter?

Join Michelle Santaferraro from Organomics for a workshop on organizing the chaos, simplifying the storage, and streamlining your system for dealing with paper.

She’ll cover the “7 Stages of Documentation” a step-by-step process you can use to change your perspective on paper and bring simplicity back to your home or office.

An expert consultant, she’ll also weave in her advice on organizing around unique learning styles, and provide methods to match your unique preference.

Prosperion Advisors will also chime in, offering clarity on specific document retention times we recommend. We’ll also show you how to add documents to your WealthVision Vault, ensuring they stay safe and accessible no matter what happens or where you are in the world.

This event will be held in our office and limited to 16 people.

The session will also be held digitally with live streaming available via Zoom.



Michelle Santaferraro | Owner, Organomics

With 21 years of experience as a professional organizer, Michelle has developed the principles of Organomics to help organize clients based on their personality, preference, and work style. This unique approach to organizing has received national acclaim among the Fortune 500 companies and is still immensely relevant to the home environment.