Buffett at the Buffet

I find it insightful to pay attention to some of the greatest investors of all time – Warren Buffett. Many of our clients know what fans of Mr. Buffett’s investment prowess. We have differing view of some of his other views – but that is for another day.

Clearly he is one of the best investors, and for that we are all blessed to have the opportunity to see his moves “real time”, as opposed to post-mortem. I think he got one very right at the end of September.

While stock prices are gyrating, Mr. Buffett is buying back some of his own stock – the company is buying back their own shares. He publicly said he would spend up to $30 Billion of the current cash the company has buying their own shares. One of the smartest investors on Wall Street is buying back his own stock.

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Steve Booren

Steve Booren

Steve Booren is the Owner and Founder of Prosperion Financial Advisors, located in Greenwood Village, Colo. He is the author of Intelligent Investing: Your Guide to a Growing Retirement Income and a regular columnist in The Denver Post. He was recently named a Forbes Top Wealth Advisor in Colorado.

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