Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson – LPL Financial Advisor

Following his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah, Dave attended Ohio State University to receive his advanced flight training and certifications. He had the privilege of flying for 27 years as a corporate pilot for both a Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 company. Few enjoy the opportunity of a career which most days feels more like a fun hobby. For Dave, his tendency toward wise planning and detail prompted him to prepare for the unique vulnerability a career in aviation includes, that being the possibility of a loss of his FAA medical, which effectively grounds a pilot.  For Dave, his interest in the financial and capital markets translated into helping others navigate the terrain of their financial lives.

Dave began his career in the financial services arena in 2002. Beginning his training while working under a CFP in the planning, insurance and annuities arena, early on he transitioned to training and education in the investment management/capital markets arena while working under a CFA until 2008 when he joined LPL Financial. Having the entrepreneurial spirit, the model of independence and excellence which marks The Prosperion Finanical Advisors team affords the premier environment for doing what he loves about his work: he is still helping clients get from here to there.

As an advisor, Dave places a high priority on developing strong personal relationships with his clients. Frequent communication is important so that he starts from an informed and timely view of his clients personal and life goals, financial objectives, priorities and risk tolerance. Just as is required for a successful flight plan, Dave implements continual monitoring and communication to help his clients stay on course.

Dave is married to his wife Lori and together they enjoy a daughter Cate and her husband Justin (Denver), a son Eric and his wife Kalley (Seattle) and a son Scott in the San Francisco area. Summer brings fly fishing and winter brings skiing. The days in between offer opportunities to enjoy the beautiful states in which their children have chosen to live.