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Danny Kellogg CFP®, RICP® – LPL Financial Advisor

Hello! I am Danny Kellogg, an LPL Financial Advisor with Prosperion Financial Advisors.

The best part about my job is using my experience and education to help clients discover how their financial resources can serve them.

To deepen my knowledge and demonstrate my dedication to serving clients at the highest level, I became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and Retirement Income Certified Professional®.

After gaining experience with both start-ups and large companies, my passion for helping people fueled my desire to establish an independent advisory practice. But going independent doesn’t have to mean going alone, so when I was offered the opportunity to join the advisors at Prosperion, I signed up. It was important to establish myself as an independent financial advisor to serve clients in the best way for them, without the pressure of products to push or corporate metrics to meet, and to tap into the experience and collaboration offered by others at the firm.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on portfolios big and small: from those with only a few hundred thousand to those greater than $1 billion. While each offers its unique challenges, I’ve found I do my best work for clients with assets between five hundred thousand and five million.

I began my career with extensive training as an analyst at a large Wall Street firm where our clients were ultra-high net worth families. My role was to create proposals and portfolio reviews for our clients, which provided me with a better understanding of the needs and wants of these often-complicated and complex financial plans.

An opportunity to join a digital wealth management start-up found me spending the next eight years growing the company through acquisition and serving in a few different advisory roles. For most of my tenure, I was a Financial Advisor to several hundred high net worth individuals and families. In that role, I gained experience with all phases of the financial planning process, including investment portfolio strategy, cash flow analysis, savings strategies, retirement planning, debt reduction, insurance planning, education planning, and more.

During the last two years, I served as the Financial Planning Income Specialist for the firm. I was the go-to resource on all topics related to retirement income planning for our advisors and their clients. Most of my time was spent analyzing strategies for claiming Social Security, evaluating payout options for pension plans, providing Roth conversion analyses, and reviewing withdrawal strategies for retirement income. I completed more than 1,500 Social Security analyses for our clients, which allowed me to develop significant knowledge about Social Security benefits and the intricacies involved.

What does all that experience mean for you and your family? Simply that I am prepared and excited to help you navigate your financial life to achieve your goals.

On the personal side, my wife Elizabeth and I are both proud Colorado natives. We live in Centennial, CO, with our daughters, Libby and Keely, and golden retriever Aggie. I am an avid Colorado sports fan who enjoys cheering on the Rockies, Broncos, Avalanche, Nuggets, and Colorado State University Rams. When I am not helping clients, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing golf.


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