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How to Go Paperless with LPL Financial

If you are interested in reducing the amount of LPL Financial and shareholder correspondence you receive in the mail, here are some helpful instructions for going paperless.

Please contact us if you currently do not have online access to your accounts through Account View or WealthVision™. We will gladly set you up to view your accounts online.

To view LPL correspondence online and turn off your paper statements, quarterly advisory reports and trade confirmations:

  1. Log on to LPL Account View or Wealthvision under the Clients tab via our website https://www.prosperion.us 
  2. Log into the system 
  3. Once logged in, select the Go Paperless button 
  4. Select Agree when the consent form appears
  5. Place a check mark next to All LPL Financial Trade Confirmations 
  6. Place a check mark next to All Brokerage Statements and click Done (This action also places a check mark next to Household Statements) 
  7. You can edit the email address where e-delivery will be sent, by selecting the Edit link under the email notice address column
  8. Going forward you will be notified via email when your statements and confirmations are available to be viewed online.
  9. You will receive an email from LPL Financial confirming your paperless choice

Note: Your 1099 and tax related statements must be sent hardcopy through the United States Postal Service and cannot be setup for paperless delivery.

To view shareholder communications online and turn off paper copies:

  1. You will need your LPL Financial Account numbers
  2. Log on to: https://www.icsdelivery.com/lpl/formNew3.asp
  3. Enter your LPL Financial Account number on the right-hand side, along with your email address where you would like your deliveries to be sent and user created PIN number
  4. Approve Description of service
  5. Click Submit

The enrollment is a two-part process.

  1. You will receive a single Verification Letter through the USPS mail from Investor Delivery that will contain an enrollment number and instructions to return to InvestorDelivery.com to complete the paperless process. This letter will be mailed within a few weeks.
  2. Once completed, you will receive an email from InvestorDelivery.com confirming enrollment and activation.

You will continue to receive paper communication under the following circumstances:

  1. Any changes to LPL Financial account information will generate a hardcopy letter to the client’s address of record indicating the type of change made.  This is an important safeguard for you and LPL Financial. An example would be a change of address.
  2. Any tax statements must be mailed via the United States Postal Service to the client’s address of record. Examples include 1099 and 1099R forms.
  3. Annual reports and proxies will be sent electronically unless they are unavailable in an electronic format. If this is the case, they will be sent hardcopy format via the United States Postal Service

Steve Booren

Steve Booren is the Owner and Founder of Prosperion Financial Advisors, located in Greenwood Village, Colo. He is the author of Blind Spots: The Mental Mistakes Investors Make and Intelligent Investing: Your Guide to a Growing Retirement Income and a regular columnist in The Denver Post. He was recently named a Barron's Top Financial Advisor and recognized as a Forbes Top Wealth Advisor in Colorado.

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