Discovering & Upholding Your Values:Decisions About Care & Housing

As we age asking for help can be a challenging decision, especially when exploring options for housing and care in later years. Evaluating choices, determining costs, and reflecting on the ability to handle everyday tasks are questions few of us enjoy. What do you value about the way in which you currently live? What values do you hope to retain now and into the future? How does the need for more hands-on care affect those values? What if there were a way to not only uncover your housing and care values, but to use those values as a foundation to answer questions like these? Please join us for a webinar with Dr. Mary McCall, a gerontologist and coach for individuals, couples and families who are navigating mid- and late-life issues from a values-based approach. She is a certified Values Coach and Advance Care Planning Facilitator. She’ll be sharing her values framework for working with people to clarify and articulate their values, and how to use them to make informed decisions about care and housing. Her goal is to provide clarity around some of the choices you may one day face, while encouraging you to discover what you find valuable in each of those options in a way that is clear, healthy, and empowering.