Filet mignon

Sharing Our Gratitude

July 1st, 4-6pm

La Vaca | 2489 Main St, Littleton, CO 80120

Now more than ever we are thankful for the friends and family we call our clients. We know these past few months have been difficult, but through it all you’ve shown resilience and determination while maintaining a hopeful outlook for the future. So on July 1st, we want to celebrate you.

Your health and safety are our number one priority. So in lieu of our traditional large gathering, we’ve partnered with La Vaca to provide a to-go meal for you to enjoy in the privacy of your home. While we won’t get to spend the evening with you, we will be on site to say hello (from a safe distance!)

Your meal will include your choice of frozen cut, so that you can prepare it to your liking at a later date (perhaps over the 4th of July?)

Please fill out this form as soon as possible so that we can pass your order to the butcher. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please reach out to us. Otherwise we hope to see you on Wednesday, July 1st!