Nelisha Firestone – LPL Financial Advisor

Nelisha works with clients who have an incredible zest for life.  They don’t live for their money; they know money is a tool to help them live more fulfilling, inspired, and healthy lives.  In working with Nelisha, you’ll uncover what’s important about money to you and create a plan to deploy your money in a way that brings fulfillment to your life.  She believes when your deepest values are aligned with your finances, true freedom follows.

She was inspired to be a champion of women through her grandma’s story.   

Nelisha is a veteran in the financial services industry.  She began her career at Edward Jones in 2004 then moved her practice to LPL in 2007 where she worked primarily out of the Coors Credit Union providing advice to their membership base.  She joined the Prosperion team in January, 2017.

She’s married to a Colorado native and has 2 beautiful daughters, Addison and Eden.  They love to call Colorado home and spend time in the great outdoors hiking, skiing, and camping to name a few.