Now What?

401k? Easy. IRAs? Funded. What comes next?

You’ve maxed out your 401k. You’ve hit the limit on your IRA contributions, ROTH or otherwise. You’re a diligent saver but you still have extra cash each month. So where should it go? What are the right ways to put that extra money to work?

In this webinar, Prosperion Financial Advisors Nelisha Firestone and Pat Alfano will discuss popular ways to see a return on your excess cash flow and discuss strategies they’ve used with clients in similar positions. Specifically they’ll cover:

  • Financial Foundations: The key documents and protections you should have in place
  • ROTH Consideration: There’s a method to save more of your money in a ROTH, even if you earn more than the limit
  • HSA Accounts: Using a tax advantaged account to grow your money for future health expenses
  • 529 Plans and Education Savings
  • Real Estate Investing 

After this hour long webinar you’ll have a better understanding of the available options for your excess cash, and what you can do to ensure the best bang out of your buck.



Nelisha Firestone | LPL Financial Advisor

Nelisha is a veteran in the financial services industry.  She began her career at Edward Jones in 2004 then moved her practice to LPL in 2007 where she worked primarily out of the Coors Credit Union providing advice to their membership base.  She joined the Prosperion team in January, 2017.

Pat Alfano | LPL Financial Advisor

Pat joined the Prosperion Financial Advisors team in August 2017 as a part of the Anderson team, and brings ten years of experience in the financial services industry.  Starting out as an “advisor to advisors” in 2007, Pat developed his industry experience by helping advisors bring solutions to their clients with mutual funds, separately managed accounts, insurance based products, and employer sponsored retirement plans.  Pat started working with clients of his own in 2015 as an advisor to individuals and institutions, and has enjoyed being able to deliver goal focused results.