Introducing Prosperion Planning

Introducing Prosperion Planning, the new service from Prosperion Financial Advisors. Learn more at www.prosperionplanning.com

We built Prosperion Planning specifically to help younger families get on the road to financial independence. A service to help them during a time in their lives when making small choices may add up to a big impact. We wanted to make it accessible, valuable, and affordable so it fits within a monthly budget, just like Netflix or a gym membership.

We learn about their needs and priorities and provide advice specifically for their situation. Whether it’s adding to the family, changing jobs, building a business or any number of complicated life decisions, we’re there to help guide them through each turn that life takes.

John Booren

John Booren

John started his investment career in 2012 after graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning. His desire is to provide care and guidance for individuals and families through all aspects of their financial life. Learn more about John here.

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