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Mutual Fund Capital Gains Distributions: Frequently Asked Questions

In December of last year, many mutual funds made end-of-year capital gains distributions for the first time in several years.

Since investors have grown less accustomed to capital gains distributions, the distributions differ from the dividend or interest income investors usually receive, and capital gains distributions are specific to the special legal structure of mutual funds, investors may have questions about the distributions and their tax implications. To help answer these questions, LPL Financial Research has put together this guide to some frequently asked questions.

Keep in mind that the tax circumstances for every individual are unique. Please consult a tax expert for the implications of capital gains distributions for any individual investor. 

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Outlook 2014 – LPL Financial

Portfolios Over Policy

A farming almanac is an annual publication containing a guide for the coming year and a forecast of the times and statistics of events and phenomena important to growing. Farmers’ almanacs have been a source of wisdom, rooted in the core values of independence and simple living, for American growers for over 200 years. In LPL Financial Research’s Outlook 2014: The Investor’s Almanac, we seek to provide a trusted guide to the coming year filled with a wealth of wisdom for investors.

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Mid-Year Outlook 2013 – LPL Financial

Investors’ Trail Map to the Markets

The investment landscape for the first half of 2013 has proven to be a tough one to navigate. And, LPL Financial Research believes the second half of this year will best essay writing service reviews be equally difficult to navigate. There is a lot of rocky terrain and potentially some surprises ahead that investors need to prepare for. To help you plan for what lies ahead, we bring you our Mid-Year Outlook 2013: Investors’ Trail Map to the Markets to provide you with what you need to know before you go and check before you trek.

Converging on the Path of Least Resistance

The performance of the markets is likely to converge in the second half of the year on a path that likely holds modest gains. The return of volatility will also be a key characteristic of the second half as markets follow a path with ups and downs.

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